Digital technology is a great tool to improve the social inclusion of people on the autism spectrum and develop communication, language skills, organisation and autonomy, reading and writing, psychomotor skills, executive functions or cognitive skills.

Innovative applications are now offering engaging and educational resources that offer opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. In this article, we will focus on two applications that support communication and autonomy skills for autistic people (Tempus, Gestiac and Si No) and one that raises awareness of autism (El viaje de Elisa).


Tempus is a free app for mobile phones or tablets that creates visual clocks to help autistic people manage their time. You can set stopwatches for situations where you have to wait or do everyday activities such as brushing your teeth.

It is a very simple and intuitive application that allows you to configure the environment according to the needs of the person such as: the colour, the type of clock, the music, or the pictogram that appears on the screen. In addition, you can add images that you have on your device.

The number of uses of the app is unlimited. For example, it can be used as an alarm so that activities do not to go over a certain time limit (such as playing videogames, eating, etc.) or as a timer.

Available for Android (Link here).

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GESTIAC supports people on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities with their time and activity management as it enables the user to create routines. Each routine can be made with different activities and timers. The app is customisable and has different options.

Available for Android (link here).

Nace GESTIAC, una app gratuita que ayuda a la personas con TEA a gestionar el tiempo - Autismo España


It is a simple application that allows you to answer YES or NO by pressing the corresponding buttons. The user can choose the gender (male or female) of the voice that will read the answer. It is aimed at people with communication difficulties.

Available for Android (link here).

El Viaje de Elisa

‘El viaje de Elisa’ is a video game that helps to understand the characteristics and needs of people on the autism spectrum, specifically those who were formerly diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. The game has several mini games with a story in which players will have to go through the various challenges that Elisa faces. Through this video game, students will be able to learn about autistic people, improve their social skills, and value diversity.

The video game brings with it educational material that serves as support for teachers who want to carry out activities in class and work with students.

The game is available for iOS, Android or to play online via the website.

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